In July, Bitcoin-miners earned $ 972 million


According to Coin Metrics, in July, bitcoins mining brought miners an income of $ 971.83 million.

Earnings directly from remuneration payments at 6.25 BTC for closing new blocks amounted to $ 944.24 million (97.16%), and transaction treatment brought only $ 27.59 million (2.84%). Since throughout the last month, the market was in the Consolidation phase and the payment channels were not overloaded, the level of commission fees fell to one of the lowest levels in the last 12 months.

Despite the prevalence of bear sentiment, miners incomes on average increased by 15.82% compared with June. However, the earnings of the last month are still significantly lower than the indicator.

In July, increasing income from bitcoin mining is due to the strong drawdown of mining complexity. In the middle of the month, the indicator

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