In Japan, they will build the first tanker running only on batteries


In 2022, the Tokyo company Asahi Tanker plans to lower the world’s first fully electric tanker.

The 60-meter coastal ship called E5 by irony will carry diesel fuel to refuel the tanks of other cargo ships in the bay. Absolutely all of its systems will be powered by lithium-ion batteries, with a total power of 3.5 MW. Corvus Energy Power Suppliers argues that such a volume of energy tanker is enough for «many hours» work without recharging on the coast station.

Translation of ships on fully electric power stimulates the development of battery technologies, reducing the cost of battery packs and regular reduction of allowable carbon dioxide emission levels into the atmosphere. According to developers, the emerging infrastructure will be scaled for larger marine ships.

However, cargo ships crossing the ocean are likely to never work only from batteries due to their low energy intensity indicators per unit volume. Therefore, by 2023, the company plans to release a large system combined with hydrogen fuel cells.

Previously, we also reported that by 2024, the Swedish Consortium plans to put into operation 200-meter transatlantic cargo

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