In Finland, they will build a huge underground storage of heat with a capacity of 90 GW ∙ h


The following year, the Energy Company of the Finnish city of Vantaa will begin the construction of an underground storage of heat with a capacity of 90 GW ∙ h, the energy of which is enough for heating a whole city.

The organization has already chosen two contractors who will develop and implement the Vantaa Energy Cavern Thermal Energy Storage. The construction of the system will begin in the fall of 2022, and the launch is scheduled for 2026. The budget of the work is estimated at $ 89 million.

According to the tender documentation Vantaa Energy, the project provides for the creation of a seasonal heat drive with a capacity of about 90 GW ∙ h. It will consist of four underground caves of about 220 thousand m3 each, filled with water. The fluid in them will be heated to 140 ° C due to excess energy from renewable sources and spent industrial heat in the summer months.

Since water will be in natural chambers inside the rock at a depth of 60 meters, the natural pressure of groundwater will not allow it to evaporate even at temperatures above the boiling point. According to the calculations of the energy company, Vantaa, the future system will be able to accumulate the amount of energy equivalent to the annual consumption of the middle Finnish city.

The purpose of the project is to replace the boilers using fossil fuels.

Recently, the administration of Vantaa also ordered the development of a plant for the production of synthetic methane from filtered atmospheric carbon dioxide and green hydrogen with a capacity of 10 MW, which should be commissioned in 2025.

Recall that in February, the Danish energy agency announced the construction plan in the North Sea of the first in the world

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