In February, miners earned more than ever before


Last month, miners revenues reached the highest indicators in the entire history of cryptocurrency.

According to Coin Metrics, in February, Bitcoin-miners total earned more than $ 1.36 billion. This is $ 110 million (8.8%) more than the previous record recorded in December 2017. Compared with January, the income level rose by 21.4%.

The main part of the income was a remuneration of $ 1.17 billion for closing new blocks. The remaining 13.7% or about 190 million miners received by paying commissions.

At the same time, income from Ether’s production for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion. Since January, miners earnings increased by 65.1%, from $ 0.83 billion to $ 1.37 billion, actually equal to the Bitcoin revenue indicator.

In the case of Ethereum, in addition to

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