In Ethereum 2.0, almost 6 million aircraft tokens have already made


According to Ethereum Foundation, in the blockchain of the second version of the platform 180 thousand validators, about 5.9 million tokens have already moved.

The minimum volume to launch the transition program to ETH 2.0 was dialed in December last year. After half a year, the Foundation rose more than 10 times, closely approaching the significant line of 6 million ether. Current tokens are already enough for 33 stakes necessary to activate consensus mechanisms, confirmation of transactions, closing blocks and data security.

At the rate at the time of publication, the value of the blocked ether is $ 12.6 billion. Such a huge deposit formed 180 thousand validators to be able to jointly manage the blockchain project and monitor the observance of the principles of the platform.

For the conscientious execution of the network protocol and processing user requests, they get a reward in the form

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