Ilon Mask tried the role of the Bitcoin Bear, which reduces the efforts of buyers


Ilon Mask tried the role of the Bitcoin Bear. It was his posts in Twitter with a broken heart next to the Hishteg of digital gold and a reference to Hit Linkin Park «In The End», there are no effort to buyers.

On the eve of the optimists on the news from China, which could be interpreted as the absence of frontal pressure on the cryptobusiness, were able to gain a triangle formed in the last two weeks of the triangle in the past two weeks and successfully hold defense. Founded by the «Technocorule» and «Masters of the coin» TESLA on the balance sheet holds 43,200 BTC worth $ 1.58 billion and such hints about the «break» could not not cause a wave of panic among cryptotraders. It is not only a matter of quotations, which in the short term can overturn quotes, but in the influence, still exerted on the mood of the market.

Mask achieved his own, they say again about him, and not always complimentary. Again worked the effect called by his name. Representatives of the industry, from Justin San to the head of Binance Chanphan Zhao, could not respond. The latter again called on the coins and not succumb to manipulation.

The stability from Skew in terms of open interest on the Chicago Market Exchange is $ 1.36 billion, at least December 16. Institutionals leave the market (and can go to gold on a short distance, as warned in JPMorgan) against the background of the influence and pressure of regulators, and the disappointment of the head of Tesla in Bitcoin.

Upon fact, after tweets, the Bitcoin mask fell by 5%.

Among the top-assets on capitalization is now growing only Filecoin (+ 17%) in the absence of news — the last significant event in this network is dated May 27, when the developers presented HyperDrive Network Upgrade. The remaining altcoins fall, and the double-digit indicators demonstrate Polygon, Chainlink, Polkadot, Stellar and Dogecoin.

Ahead today is a report on the American labor market. Dollar strengthened his position

In the coming hours, digital gold can be tested $ 35,800, the lower limit of the triangle, the sample of which can cause a new wave of surrender of short-term investors.

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