Ilon Mask said that now «only a fool» is not looking for an alternative to paper currencies for investment


Ilon Mask said that because of the rapid depreciation of fate money, now «only a fool» is not looking for other options for investment.

He said this, answering today on Twitter for the comment by the general director of the Binance, about the fanatical commitment of the mask to the dogecoin.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Cheinpan Zhao expressed his surprise overly supported by the head of the Tesla cryptocurrency project on the basis of the Mem, and huge investments in Bitcoin.

Ilon Mask responded to this, stating that the purchase of a $ 1.5 billion CTC company reflects not only his views. It does not deny that the selection of part of the investment portfolio under cryptocurrency is associated with a certain risk, but considers such a form of investments less stupid than the storage of cash.

By adding that during the depreciation of Fiat, only a fool will not look for alternative options, and Bitcoin is almost just as good as paper money.

At the same time, the mask is far from alone in her eyes. Recent

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