Hyundai presented a car concept that can ride sideways


Hyundai has demonstrated the concept of an urban electric vehicle with increased maneuverability.

The presented model M.Vision POP is a compact double car, in which all four wheels can rotate 180 degrees. This allows him to make a complete turn in place and park perpendicular to sideways.

Another feature of the model is to connect the control systems to the driver’s smartphone. After placing a mobile device in the steering wheel, it will be synchronized with the electric car, opening access to basic systems and display. To obtain management rights, it will be necessary to go through the voice recognition procedure.

If necessary, the driver will also be able to transfer the passenger control using a mobile steering wheel. According to the description, the system will recognize certain voice commands, and perform some actions on their own, for example, parking.

In addition, Hyundai introduced the concept of a unmanned four-seater electric vehicle M.Vision X. Liquid crystal displays that can be made transparent or withdraw on them to all of its windows. The artificial intelligence system provides the ability to control with gestures, allowing you to change driving settings without physical contact with a digital panel.

Previously, we also reported that the new AUDI model will proact the dashboard data

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