Hyperlooptt has developed a freight container transportation system with sound speed


Hyperloop Transport Technologies introduced an ultra-high-speed logistics system of the seaport, which allows you to move 2800 containers per day almost at sound speed.

The HYPERPORT project is an innovative solution for cargo operators based on a vacuum train technology. The company proposes to build a transport pipe system in ports, which will run autonomous cars on magnetic levitation at a speed of up to 600 km / h.

According to the developers, such a solution will significantly reduce freight costs, free space from seaports and unload the infrastructure on the surface. The system will work on electricity, not polluting the environment. It can also be connected to the future city tunnels of vacuum trains, by analogy with modern freight railways.

The demonstration prototype should be submitted in October of the current year at the World Congress of the ITS World in Hamburg.

It is estimated that the value of the global logistics industry will increase to $ 12 trillion by 2023. In the long run, cargo systems based on vacuum trains may take a significant share in it.

For several years, Hyperloop Transport Technologies also promotes similar passenger transport networks in America, Europe and the Middle East. In 2019, in France, the company built

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