Hesherate Bitcoin fell to an 8-month minimum due to the disconnection of Chinese miners


According to the BitInfocharts service, the Heschean network Bitcoin fell to 91.2 eh / s, which is the lowest level from November 2020.

The current indicator is 46% lower than the average for May and almost twice the historic maximum of 171.4 EC / C, which has been reached 6 weeks ago. In addition to computing power, the profitability of mining fell. At the moment it fluctuates in the area of $ 0.226 per 1 TX / C, which is less than May level at $ 0.449 per 1 t / s.

Although the drop of Hesherate means weakening competition among manners, but it also means a decrease in its level of safety and simplifying a potential attack 51%.

Reducing the computing power of the Bitcoin network is due to the continuing pressure of the Chinese authorities on companies that mining cryptocurrency. The current decline was summoned by the Friday order of the Sichuan government about the immediate cessation of electricity supplies. As a result, the hashrai of the largest Chinese mining pools at the weekend asked from 10% to 22%.

Previously the authorities

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