Heschery of Chinese mining pools asked noticeably due to power supply interruptions


The computational power of the majority of Chinese mining pools as much as the mass disclosure of electricity in the north-west of the country.

Over the past day, Hesherate Antpool fell by 24.5%, Binance Pool lost 20%, BTC.com -18.9%, Poolin — 33%. Since the Xinjiang is almost a quarter of the world computing power of mining, interruptions have noticeably influenced

According to YCharts estimates, due to problems with electricity supply in China, the average daily rate of the network of the Bitcoin network dropped from 169.4 million TX / C to 165.8 million TX / C, or about 2.2% in relative terms.

According to Xinjiang media, shutdowns are associated with a comprehensive energy security check in the region. Mass inspections began after the recent accident at the coal mine, which happened during technical re-equipment. Due to the error under the ground, power supply and the relationship was gone, which led to the flooding of part of the mining workings and sharpening into a trap 21 miners.

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