Hedge funds plan to invest $ 312 billion in cryptocurrency in the next 5 years


According to the study of the Dutch trust company Intertrust Group, 98% of hedge funds are preparing for working with digital assets in the next five years.

The surveyed leaders expect that by 2026, on average, 7.2% of their hedge funds will be on cryptocurrency. On a global scale, for the entire sector, it is currently about $ 312 billion. At the same time, 17% of financial directors said that the proportion of cryptoaculations in their funds can reach 10%.

The study also showed that all financial institutions from North America and Europe participating in a survey on cryptocurrency already account for at least 1% of the total assets. According to INTERTRUST forecasts, in the future, American hedge funds are likely to increase their share of up to 10.6%, and European — up to 6.8%.

The rejuvenation of inflation in the United States (5%), unprecedented since 1992, became a reason for the study. Analysts expect it to encourage institutional investors to use Bitcoin and other similar digital assets to diversify their portfolios that are weakly correlated with traditional markets. Although Goldman Sachs.

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