Hacking platform Defi Poly Network allowed hackers to steal more than $ 600 million in cryptocurrency


As a result of the attack on the Poly Network of the Poly Network, the attacker managed to steal more than $ 600 million in cryptocurrency. This is one of the largest robbery in crypto industry and the largest

In the official announcement of Poly Network it is said that the hacker was able to steal digital assets from three networks at once: about $ 273 million from Ethereum, $ 85 million in 0xpolygon stelkins and about $ 273 million from Binance Chain.

The blockchas were attacked sequentially one by one, and the company managed to identify three addresses to which cryptocurrencies were translated. Poly Network appealed to the Mainers of the raised networks and exchanges with a request to make coins and tokens into the blacklist come from them. The company also began to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to catch the criminal.

After just an hour after hacking, Hacker wanted to move part of the stolen assets through the Ethereum address in the liquidity pool of Curve.fi, but the operation was rejected. However, 30 minutes earlier it was still possible to move more than $ 100 million from the Binance Smart Chain addresses to the Ellipsis Finance liquidity pool.

Cryptoprojects and stockies promised to coordinate their actions to block funds, and some even offered assistance in tracking stolen assets. Tether has already added to the black list stolen USDT for $ 33 million.

The company in the field of cybersecurity Slowmist stated that she identified an attacker identifier, recognized its IP data and a digital print imprint, as reported by another in the mailing list.

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