Google presented a cabin for 3D video chat


Google has demonstrated a new 3D video technology, which creates a sense of physical presence of the interlocutor.

The project Starline Cabin prototype for video conferencing is equipped with projection equipment, cameras, sensors, as well as computer vision systems, machine learning, surround sound and compression of real-time data.

All this in combination with the display technology of the light field, which is responsible for the volume and depth of the image, allows participants to see a realistic three-dimensional model of people, as if they were sitting opposite.

Google has already spent several thousand hours of cab testing. The first closed tests were held in the offices of New York and Seattle due to the use of many specialized equipment, but recently demonstrations began to organize in cooperation with medical institutions and media companies. Open projects using Project Starline must start by the end of the year.

Recall that recently Microsoft also presented a collaboration platform in mixed reality

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