Goldman Sachs plans to offer investment tools based on cryptocurrency


Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest financial conglomerates, intends to offer its customers investment tools based on cryptocurrency.

The launch of new products will be held in the second quarter of 2021. They may include direct work with bitcoins or derivatives based on them.

The head of the department of digital assets will be Mary Rich. Among other things, its responsibilities will include cooperation with consultants to teach customers the basics of working with technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency to promote new investment products and services.

According to Mary Rich itself, part of customers are interested in digital assets as an inflation hedging tool, while others believe that they are behind them, and are looking for ways to become part of this transformation.

Since the beginning of the year, the largest financial companies of the world have ceased to criticize cryptocurrency and began to earn them. For example, in March, Morgan Stanley acknowledged the cryptocurrency in the investment class of assets, and JPMorgan announced the launch

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