Goldman Sachs estimates, stock companies related to blockchain, on average more profitable S & P 500


According to a fresh report of one of the world’s largest investment banks, the shares of companies whose activities are associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency, on average, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index is exceeded by 34 percentage points.

Goldman Sachs analysts have formed a portfolio from a promotion of 19 companies with capitalization of at least $ 1 billion, broadly using blockchain technology or digital assets in their activities. The list included Visa, Jpmorgan Chase, MicroStrategy, Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain and other firms.

Comparison showed that since the beginning of the year the cost of the generated portfolio increased by 46%, during the same time the S & P 500 added only 12%.

Goldman Sachs also marks a 60 percent correlation of the basket with bitcoal and the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto index. Therefore, in 2 previous weeks associated with the blockchain lag behind S & P 500 by about 10%, and from Monday they exceeded it only by 2%.

Another study of the investment bank showed that every fifth

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