Geometric Energy will install the first space advertising shield on the satellite


The Canadian startup of Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) agreed with Spacex on the withdrawal of a satellite orbit with a small electronic advertising shield.

As part of cooperation, Ilona Mask will deliver a small cubesat spacecraft on board Rideshare Rocket

The output of information on the screen is carried out using special tokens. In total, the company offers 5 types of tokens, each of which is responsible for a separate pixel display parameter: coordinates on x and y axes, color, brightness and time. With their help, the customer will be able to set up his advertising and its duration.

Space advertising shield will differ significantly from the traditional. The pixel screen is too small so that it can be seen not only from the ground, but even being in orbit. Therefore, the satellite will be equipped with a camera on a selfie stick, which will broadcast video with the image in the literal air on YouTube or Twitch.

Another feature of the project is that the tokens to set the screen can only be purchased for cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin and etherium. The company explains this to the desire for democratization of access to space services and decentralization of participation.

Recall that recently Northrop Grumman brought to orbit

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