Ford and Bosch will open the first smart parking


Since September, Ford, Bosch and Enterprise will begin to jointly test a series of smart parking technologies for cars with unmanned control systems.

Partners will turn the underground garage Bedrock Assembly in Detroit to the laboratory for testing new solutions. The companies eventually want to ensure that the drivers stop spending time to find a place in multi-level parking, paying it to something else. The project will also become the next step towards the development of autonomous systems of the Ford Escape model with self-parking.

The laboratory will serve as a real medium for testing new unmanned systems, on the basis of which each of the companies plans to create new software and hardware products. These include autonomous solutions for charging batteries, identify optimal free places, fast parking with reversal.

In addition to saving time, such innovations should help business reduce parking costs and reduce downtime for service transport.

Parallel Ford also also works on solutions to improve the quality of service in the transport sector. For example, last year the company filed

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