FATF moved the refinement of the cryptocurrency guidelines for October


The development of financial measures of money for money laundering (FATF) decided to postpone the refinement of the cryptocurrency leadership until October to get more feedback from the current edition.

The intergovernmental organization came to this at the last plenary meeting, which addressed the progress of introduction in various jurisdictions of contradictory standards from 2019. FATF notes that out of 128 accountable countries, in two years the claims of the current leadership in their legislative framework included only 52, and six completely banned speculative operations with cryptocurrency.

The group fears that «jurisdiction arbitration» will begin to develop, promoting illegal operations with digital assets. The overview of the current situation will be released on July 5th.

In the next manual

The cryptos community is concerned about the Natius of the International Organization, and believes that such measures will not simply begin to slow down the development of the industry, but will be suppressed.

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