Facebook has developed a bracelet for a mental control of the AR-interface


Facebook has demonstrated the prototype of the neural bracelet, which allows you to manage virtual objects, simply thinking about it.

The device consists of a computer built-in bracelet, battery, antennas and a number of sensors, reading electrical signals, which come from the brain to the muscles of the brush and fingers through the wrist neurons. The system analyzes them and converts into digital commands to control the AR interface. The bracelet will be able to synchronize with supplemented reality glasses and other specialized devices.

Facebook also plans to equip it with a reverse tactile communication system, which will allow the user to «feel» touch to virtual objects. In addition to various manipulations using a bracelet, you can quickly enter text via the virtual keyboard.

The company claims that the system will interpret only specific neural signals for gestures, and not read the thoughts of the user.


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