Etheruum reserves on stock exchanges are rapidly reduced due to increased interest in investors.


According to the analytical services of GlassNode, the Balances of Ether (ETH) decreased to the lowest level in the last 23 months.

According to the company’s estimates, at present, 11.5% of the produced tokens or about 13.3 million ETH are currently in the repositories of centralized sites, which at the time of publication is approximately 52.3 billion. This is the lowest indicator since June 2019.

Against the background of increasing interest on the part of investors, only over the past 9 months, the balances of Etheria on the stock exchanges decreased by 30%. The analysis also showed that in May, the long-term owners of the Bitcoins are actively converted them to ether. Glassnode claims that after buying, the tokens are mainly moved to cold wallets or reserved in decentralized financing protocols to obtain passive income.

At the same time, the reduction in supply has a positive effect on the price dynamics.

The company analysts also pay attention to a noticeable growth in Ethereum network against the background of a recent increase in the price of ETH to $ 4,200.

Recall that according to recent CoinShares estimates, institutional investors have invested in cryptocurrency

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