Etherium by 20% surpassed the Bitcoin market by trading volume


According to Coingecko on May 25, the daily bidding volume was about $ 60 billion, while the Bitcoin market reached only $ 50.2 billion.

Initially, the company published in Twitter information showing that in 24 hours from hand to hand ETH has passed on $ 115 billion, but they turned out to be overestimated due to an API error on Exx. After the exclusion of the platform from the analysis, a correct score estimate was obtained.

Analysts allocate several possible reasons for increasing trading activity in the Etheric market. One of the factors could be a recent Goldman Sachs report, one of the world’s largest investment banks, which says that the ether has high chances to take the position of Bitcoin as the main means of saving among digital assets.

The financial conglomerate argues its forecast that ETH is a base for rapidly developing applications in the field of decentralized finances and non-financial tokens, as well as exceed the BTC network in terms of transactions.

Other experts tend to ensure that the market has stimulated the GRAYSCALE Institutional Foundation’s statement that the company based on ether is traded with a much greater prize than Bitcoin-based.

Earlier this month, the analytical service Glassnode also reported that the balances of the Ethereum on the stock exchanges were reduced to

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