Etheric network began to burn 142 tokens per hour by $ 400 thousand.


As a result of the system-wide update London, the Ethereum network began to burn part of the commissions from transactions. The current tempo is 2.3 ETH or about $ 6540 per minute.

The EIP-1559 activated during Hardford added a mechanism that slows the emission of the platform tokens. The developers have entered such an adjustment to reduce the inflation level of cryptocurrency and mitigate the transition to the second version of the protocol. According to Dune Analytics estimates, the emission slowed down by 70%.

Etherchain service data show that the system is currently an average of 2.36 ETH. At the current tokens of $ 2772, the total daily

For a longer period, such linear calculations will not be objective, since the level of the base commission in the network is constantly changing, as well as the course of Etherium. However, Bankless Defi has developed a model, extrapolating the value on the basis of historical charges of fees. As a result, analysts came to the range of destruction from 800 thousand to 2.4 million Eth per year.

According to experts, incineration in combination with a reduction in remuneration for the closure of new blocks can lead to a deflationary nature of the project development (gradual reduction in the total number of tokens in circulation).

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