Engineers developed a model of a three-time aircraft consuming 70% less fuel


SE AERONAUTICS has introduced the concept of an unusual aircraft with three wings, which is capable of transporting 264 passengers, while consuming 70% less fuel than other similar size airliners.

For several decades, the design of aircraft with a wide fuselage remained unchanged. However, the desire of the industry to reduce emissions forces engineers to look for original ways to increase efficiency.

The new SE Aeronautics prototype called SE200 has three wings, a double tail stabilizer and a pair of rear engines. According to designers, it is able to develop the speed of 1100 km / h and fly almost 16.9 thousand km, which is better than the indicators of other aircraft of the same class. The proposed design increases lifting force, reduces take off and landing, increasing efficiency

The SE200 wings have a thinner and aerodynamic design, since they will not be stored fuel. For this purpose, a cylinder is provided at the top of the fuselage. To increase strength, it will have a one-piece composite fuselage with a service life of 50 years.

Recently, Aerion also announced plans to produce a commercial supersonic aircraft that can

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