Engineer invented a device for saving lives while injured


The student has developed a portable device to stop bleeding in the wounded wounds by their tamponade by inflating silicone sleeves.

Upon receipt of such wounds to slow the bloodsture, it is important to maintain the wound not only outside, but also inside the body. That is why the police and other services upon arrival at the scene do not take a knife or another subject before ambulance arrival. This is due to the fact that the object in the body performs the function of the plug and weakens internal bleeding. However, in most cases an open wound is detected, which must be urgently close.

It is for this purpose that the young engineer from the Loughboro University created a prototype of a compact device for emergency tamponation. The device printed on a 3D printer received a REACT name (abbreviation from Rapid Emergency Activating Tamponade).

It consists of a base drive that inflates the silicone sleeve inserted into the wound. The device is equipped with a digital interface panel on which the user selects the body area where it is necessary to close the wound so that the system creates optimal pressure (close to atmospheric). After the arrival of the doctors, the sleeve is blown away and easily pulled out of the wound.

The settings of the existing prototype are optimized to stop bleeding in the area of groin, abdomen and armpits. In the future, the young engineer plans to expand this list and make the battery the main power source.

Accelerate restoration and pain relief wound after the extraction of the sleeve can help

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