Electroluminescent textile invented from which you can create displays in clothing


Researchers have developed flexible luminescent textiles, which will soon allow you to sew a point display matrix in clothing.

Each of its fiber consists of two intertwined polymer threads. One is a hollow composite polymer filled with an active luminescent substance glowing under the action of electric current. The second is a transparent conductive gel polymer.

Fibers can be used to make a point matrix similar to the pixel array in modern digital displays. Such textiles is quite lightweight and retains its characteristics after multiple bends and stretching. In the process of testing, its brightness and efficiency have not changed even after 500 styrics in the washing machine.

According to developers from the Fudagne University, electroluminescent textiles can be used not only to create displays for viewing and sending messages on clothing, but also to integrate fiber optic screens in costumes of athletes. When connecting to devices, reading brain activity, they can also help people with disabilities to inform others about their needs.

Previously, we also reported on the development

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