Each fifth investor expects bitcoin growth to $ 100 thousand. During the year


The study of the Goldman Sachs Investment Bank has shown that 40% of investors have invested funds in cryptocurrency, and each fifth expects to increase the Bitcoin course to $ 100 thousand in the medium term.

During the polling of the company’s clients, 60% of those who already own digital assets, said that in the next 1-2 years they plan to increase their share in their portfolio. At the same time, 35% assess the market, focusing only on the dynamics of changes in the cost and volume of trading.

22% of respondents believe that over the next 12 months, the BTC price exceeds $ 100 thousand. Another 54% of investors expect the course to be in the range of $ 40 thousand to 100 thousand.

34% of respondents noted that the key constraints for them are the uncertainty of the regulation of digital assets, the absence of internal cost and legal status.

The survey was conducted against the background of the resumption of work on its own platform Goldman Sachs for trade in derivatives based on Bitcoin,

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