Dutch crypto exchanger sued the Central Bank due to strict KYC rules


The Bitonic Bitonic Bitonic’s Dutch Platform sent a lawsuit against the central bank, demanding to suspend the current KYC norms for checking wallets.

The company believes that the protocols imposed by the regulator of the integrated processing of personal data at the stages of checking wallets for the withdrawal of funds are too strict and violate the current laws on customer confidentiality. She wants to return to the model in which the platform itself could evaluate the risks and, if necessary, to ask the user to go through the confirmation procedure.

Earlier, 25 license owners for such activities were also sent a joint letter to the Netherlands Bank with a request to clarify the need for such high control measures. However, the Central Bank is not in a hurry to discuss the controversial rules.

Bitonic claims additionally supports the results of consultation with a legal company, which also insists at the bottomless of the requirements of the Central Bank. The platform expects the judge to determine the legality of the procedure and put the point in this matter.

Other Dutch cryptobiri support the lawsuit, but it is still unknown whether they themselves will turn into court.

Previously, we also reported that China’s central bank intends

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