Denmark will build the world’s first 10 GW is an island-energy island for $ 34 billion.


The Danish Energy Agency announced the construction plan in the North Sea of a huge artificial island, which will take, store and distribute electricity from hundreds of wind generators.

The marine energy assembly will be the largest in the history of the country and will cost an execution of about $ 34 billion. The hydraulic structure of 12 hectares will be located at a distance of 80 km from the coastline. The total power of the island will be 10 GW, but at the initial stage it will supply about 3 GW.

After the construction is completed by 2033, the island will collect energy from the first 200 wind generators, but over time their quantity will increase. The main task will be storage and disposal of electricity to European countries.

By 2050, Denmark plans to expand the infrastructure of the island, adding it to the installation to extract hydrogen from sea water due to excessive power, storage rooms and harbor. Produced H2 will be used as fuel for ships, airplanes and trucks.

According to the project description, ultimately the node will ensure the energy of about 10 million European households. The energy island should be one of the key elements of the program to refuse the country from fossil fuels.

The Government of Denmark stimulates the development of renewable energy, and companies are developing more perfect

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