Cryptovaya trading volume exceeds $ 1 trillion second month in a row


According to the Crypto Compare data aggregator, the last 2 months of spot trading on cryptocurrency exchanges exceed $ 1 trillion for the second month in a row.

Analysis of transactions showed that in March, digital assets in the amount of $ 1,17 trillion were transferred from hand to hand, which is 5% less than February $ 1.23 trillion.

The leading position continues to keep the Binance Exchange, which last month accounted for 65% of the total trading volume. The second place from 18% took Huobi, and the third — Okex from 15%.

The volume of exchange with FIATA in March was $ 406.5 billion. Coincase included in the top three (22% of volume), Upbit (21%) and Kraken (11%).

Despite the high turnover indicators, the data show that most investors

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