Cryptic shock is experiencing shock against the background of enhancing the criticism of the authorities


Bitcoin trades $ 33,000, Ethereum — $ 2,000. For the Fed signals about readiness for the normalization of monetary policies, an increase in the attack of the Chinese authorities on miners was added. Risks appeared that blocking by banks of accounts associated with operations with cryptocurrency services will become a massive phenomenon. New encouraging tweets Ilona Mask is not.

Buyers remains to believe in a technical analysis, which involves the weakening of sales and return to purchases after testing the lower boundary of a wide triangle, running in the zone of $ 32,000 — 33,000. If the hypothesis is correct, then the fourth wave in the model is close to its completion, then the final will follow the final The fifth in the area is $ 38,000 — $ 40,000 to the beginning of July and after that the resumption of downward dynamics with the update of the May minimum of $ 30,000.

The fundamental background is still supported by a negative script. Hesherate Bitcoin collapsed to 91.2 eh / s (according to

Previously, they were not «touching» before the end of September, when the HPP disappears an excess of electricity. The authorities also promised to arrange a raid on those miners that are not connected to the state distribution network. It is also a shock for the market, and inevitable sales of bitcoins stocks to cover the costs of shift location to other regions (Canada, USA, Kazakhstan). In conditions of rarefied liquidity, it is enough to lose almost 10%.

The problem is created not only by the widespread struggle of the regional Chinese authorities with miners, but also «work» with users of Bitcoin-stock exchange. One of the largest banks of the country Agricultural Bank of China warned about blocking bills through which transactions related to cryptocurrency services will be held. It can be expected that other state financial institutions of the Middle Kingdom will be followed. Maybe they will be supported and banks of other countries. With a similar initiative, the British TSB Bank acted.

In other words, behind this is worth watching more. Against the background of criticism of the authorities, Saxo Bank applications and

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