Cryprons continues to experience the nerves of investors awaiting growth resumption


The cryptocurrency market continues to test the nerves to those who remain a faithful positive scenario of completion of the correction at current levels.

Despite the renewal of the minima from the beginning of June, the Bitcoin’s course is still magnetic to the lower border of the triangle, does not hurry to go into a sheer fall with a breakdown of $ 30 thousand, which is destined to him if the lower line of formations will not be blown down by bulls (it is necessary to secure above $ 37 thousand .).

The effect of the Bitcoin 2021 held in Miami in Miami on the weekend in the history of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, as well as attempts by Ilona Mask shake the market by adding BTC letters to his description on Twitter.

On Monday, the «heavy artillery» is underway, MicroStrategy, which plans to place convertible bonds by $ 400 million to buy digital gold. Even taking into account the May correction, the cost of coins acquired by the Public Company 1.5 times exceeds the purchase price. It is necessary to be a convinced supporter of Bitcoin, in order to decide on this step in the conditions of current uncertainty. While this is not known whether these $ 400 million is enough to neutralize the growth of «shorts» of professional speculators on CME.

On the weekend the market never came to himself from the next

In Fidelity Investments are confident in the rainbow prospects of Bitcoin in the long run, but in the near future there are falls to $ 23,000 — 30,000. Inrigue who will be right: Fidelity or Sailor — can hold out until Tuesday. Chances are higher on the side of skeptics. In the case of this scenario

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