Cryprobist cools after the «hot» sessions of the previous week


On Thursday, Bitcoin’s course is restored after the sales wave, initiated by the results of the Fed meeting ended on the eve.

Jerome Powell and the company did not deny obvious — inflation is noticeably ahead of the forecasts and had to revise its assessments for this year from 2.4% to 3.4%. The head of the Central Bank made that consumer price growth is far from all components may have a temporary nature. The Committee as a whole, according to the expected trajectory of interest rates, is now waiting that by the end of 2023 it will increase it twice. Previous forecasts were not so aggressive.

The volume of assets purchases remained unchanged, but its adjustment is only a matter of time. The key in this regard will be the data on the labor market for June and July, which predetermine the timing of the normalization of monetary policies — autumn or winter. At the same time, the disposition of financial markets will become clear and in Bitcoin, who has fallen in the on the eve with other cryptocurrencies.

Recovery on Tuesday looks unconvincing, rather is technotic. Fidelity drew a return schedule to the neckline of the neck in the «head-shoulders» formation, which implies an increase in BTC to $ 50 thousand. But we are still in the triangle in its new borders, and continue to continue consolidation. In the coming weeks, return to $ 35,000 — 36,000.

Today’s dispute in Twitter between the head of Kraken Jesse Powellom and Ilona Mask about the «green» mining did not receive a noticeable influence on the mood. Special impact and reflection of the MSCI index provider about the exit to the cryptocurrency market, which can create an additional tool for institutional investors. Transferring SEC Solutions on Bitcoin-ETF from Vaneck in the light of the latest comments of the regulator also does not pull to the stimulating growth factor. So now on the market

Altkoinam everything is also about as well. Bitcoin’s domination index has not changed and remains at 44%. Solana and Theta Network are allocated. The first today received listing on Coinbase Pro, in the second enthusiasm of buyers is associated with the inclusion of the DHVC venture fund with an assets of $ 500 million as a validator.

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