Cryprints ignores FUD and Bitcoin continues to form an upward impulse


The next portion of the Chinese FUD on Tuesday did not affect Bitcoin’s chances to continue the formation of an upward impulse to the upper border of consolidation from the last decade of May. Local support was resist, the sellers did not show aggression, in the near future it is worth expecting the storming of the zone of $ 36,000 — 36,500, whose success will open the potential for further lifting to $ 39,000 — 40,000.

What happened in China? Closed the company, whose owners can be found to adventurers, otherwise it is impossible to say. BEIJING QUDAO Xingye Technology CO closed by the authorities of Beijing QUDAO has created a business in the field of entertainment, but also released their own digital currency MAO Li Coin. This, after all the «Chinese» warnings, which were quite serious, judging by what speed and how miners repressed.

In fact, this is only another confirmation that the Communist Party is configured to suppress all the work of the cryptoaculation industry on the eve of the launch of digital yuan and is ready to encourage only the development of projects in the BSN nationwide system. This also applies to banks that are not recommended to serve cryptocompany.

Such recipes begin to master in relation to Binance in Europe. Despite the fact that the largest Bitcoin Stock Exchange does not directly advertise its services in the UK, after the warnings of the local regulator, credit organizations began to revise their attitude to transactions related to this platform, following Barclays. The day before, it also became known that European customers temporarily lost the possibility of replenishing deposits in euros through the SEPA system, the conclusions remain available. Potentially, it serves as a signal to the appearance of more serious problems from BINANCE.

The market seems to not see such a threat if it is repelled from the behavior of the trade token (BNB). In the top 10 on capitalization per day, the asset demonstrates the best dynamics, and over the past seven days, only Uniswap lost in growth. Definitely it supports the moods in the market as a whole.

Bether Bitcoin looks Etherium. On Wednesday, the course tested $ 2400. On the eve of the technological company from Hong Kong Meitu announced the acquisition of 31,000 ETH as a backup asset. Swiss Sygnum announced the addition of the ETH2 Staying Service for customers. In the Deposit Contract of the Second Protocol

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