Commission for Bitcoin Transactions continues to grow due to the overload of the membrane


Due to high market activity, the number of transactions awaiting confirmation in the membulant is growing rapidly, which leads to an increase in network fees.

Tonight, the number of transactions in the «expectation zone» of Bitcoin exceeded 125 thousand. Their total amount was 149 MB, which would have been enough to fill out more than 107 new blocks. Although the current membraul workload level is not a record, but in combination with the cryptocurrency rate jump, significantly increases the cost of commission fees.

At the time of publication, the Commission recommended by the services is 93 Satoshi for bytes, that is, for the average transaction now you have to pay approximately $ 9.6. At night, the level of the recommended board reached 141.9 SAT / bytes or more than $ 14.6.

For users, this situation is unprofitable, because not only increases additional costs, but makes small transactions unfavorable. Therefore, some exchanges plan to use

At the same time, miners extract additional benefits from what is happening. Only on February 9, they received 196 VTS for the processing of transactions.

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