CoinmarketCAP has ceased to take into account the data of Korean cryptochege due to a large price difference


Coinmarketcap cryptocurrency monitoring service announced the removal of the data of the main South Korean exchanges from the calculations of the Bitcoin course tractor.

The site no longer pays attention to price indicators for Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit. Coinmarketcap went on such a step due to a strong discrepancy with the average values of the other trading platforms. At the main exchanges of South Korea, the BTC course is about 6% higher than on other world stock exchanges, which is especially noticeable for arbitration.

The service plans to take into account the data of the Korean market again as soon as it stabilizes. The changes affected only the price index of Bitcoin.

This is not the first time CMC takes such measures. The last time the data of the South Korean stock exchange was excluded at the calculation of the tracker in 2018.

Such a significant discrepancy is due to the highest interest in cryptocurrency in the Asian market. In March, in the period of achievement by Bitcoin

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