Coca-Cola tests the prototype of its future paper bottle


Coca-Cola in collaboration with Paboco is working on the first generation of paper bottles for its drink.

By 2030, the largest producer of plastic in the world plans to switch to fully utilized containers and significantly reduce the use of packaging materials. The goal of Coca-Cola is the development of a bottle, which is 100% further recyclable, as well as common paper.

Partners continue to work on the project, since the current option still contains a plastic liner and cover. Although the polymer used is to be reused, but this does not suit the company. The next step is to search for alternative options for replacing the remaining plastic elements.

In the future, Coca-Cola plans to establish a collection and disposal of all produced bottles and cans.

Recall that last year the research team also developed the technology of manufacturing solid and biodegradable packaging for food

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