CME sold more than a million fractional bitcoin futures for 2 months


Since the launch of May 3, the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) has already sold more than 1 million micro Bitcoin futures contracts.

Unlike conventional Bitcoin futures at 5 BTC, microcontractions allow investors to work with volumes of 0.1 digital coins. According to the executive director of CME Group, Tim McCorta, the ability to operate with fractional values increases positioning flexibility, so the new product is popular with organizations and intraday traders who want to insure price risks on the spot market.

In less than two months, Micro Bitcoin futures sales exceeded 1 million contracts. The stock exchange also notes a stable increase in demand for this product.

Although the success of derivatives indicates interest to cryptocurrency on the part of institutional investors, but in parallel can serve as a stress factor for retailers. It could be observed last week when

However, according to Coinshares, all the positions are eliminated during this period quickly bought Hollows, convinced of the further growth of cryptocurrency.

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