China will build a gigantic carrier rocket, 100 tons with a carrying capacity


Chinese engineers presented the superheavy-supported carrier rocket project designed to send large elements of cosmic and lunar stations.

According to Luan Entjie, Head of the Luna Study Program, the project successfully passed the stage of a feasibility study and went to the development stage, which should be completed in the next 5 years.

The gigantic rocket will be able to output a weight of up to 100 tons in open space. The main problem of carrier will be the delivery of large elements and components necessary for the construction of future space stations.

Currently, the largest project is Falcon Heavy — a carrier rocket with a maximum load capacity of 64 ton, developed by Ilona Spacex mask. The most powerful of China’s current missiles Long March 5 is capable of carrying a payload of 25 tons.

The government of the country will begin the construction of an orbital station for the spring of this year.

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