China is gaining popularity of driving school with simulators instead of instructors


Residents of large Chinese cities are increasingly choosing driving schools in which 4D simulators and virtual reality are used for immersive learning.

Many industrial driving schools open high-tech branches working without instructors and cars. Companies say that training drivers on simulators effectively replaces traditional methods, but it costs much cheaper.

The process of training in such centers is more reminiscent of the video game to manage transport on roads with traffic lights, pedestrians, buildings and trees. Training is fully conducted on special simulators with curved screens or VR heads. This makes it easy to choose different routes and weather conditions in classes.

The main reason for the popularity of this option is its low cost. Simulators are 3-4 times cheaper than an ordinary training car, parallel driving schools saved on staff, fuel, lease, taxes. Therefore, the cost of such courses is significantly lower than traditional.

The simulators themselves and on the basis of artificial intelligence are constantly improving. An option has already been developed that simulates not only a passenger car, but also the bus.

However, even despite the efficiency of the method, to pass the exam, students still need to practic a little on real cars.

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