China built a 460-ton mounting robot operating with an accuracy of 10 mm


China Railway Science & Industry Group has presented a huge robotic installation for mounting building structures.

Its length is 80 meters, an effective drill is 69 meters, and the mass of 460 tons. The robot is equipped with eight independently moving supports, each of which has two pairs of wheels, which allows him not only to move, but also overcome obstacles.

The installation has a sufficiently strong design in order to raise blocks and other building elements weighing up to 120 tons.

Automation of tasks is achieved due to 72 sensors, 50 chambers and Beidou positioning systems allowing it to work with an accuracy of 10 mm. Developers apply for two national patents for the invention.

In the near future, the robot will be used to build a new metro line in Guangzhou.

Earlier in Japan, a humanoid

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