CBoe wants to resume bitcoin-futures trading


CEO of CBoe Global Markets said that the Exchange is interested in trade in Bitcoin futures and seeks to resume its presence in the market.

According to Ed Tilly, the calculated futures contracts for Bitcoin are in great demand among retail and institutional investors. Therefore, the Chicago Exchange Exchange is considering the possibility of running a full-fledged trading platform for work in this segment.

In December 2017, CBoe became the first adjustable platform, which added bitcoin futures to the list. In March 2019, the company stopped listing them, referring to the desire to revise the approach to trade in virtual assets. However, the announcement of the exchange noted that it does not exclude the possibility of resuming trade in cryptoderivatives in the future.

Currently, CME Group, the main competitor CBoe, successfully sells BTC futures with a daily open interest about $ 3 billion, yielding only to unregulated BINANCE, OKEX and BYBIT platforms on this indicator.

The Chicago Exchange Exchange is also interested in launching other products based on digital currencies. Recently, the company has submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission Requests for Listing Bitcoin-ETF from Vaneck and Wisdomtree Investment Funds. In addition, in the second quarter of 2021, CBoe plans to launch

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