Cardano Research Division will help Ethiopia to modernize the education system


INPUT OUTPUT HONG KONG (IOHK), standing for the development of the Cardano Blockchalter, cooperates with the Government of Ethiopia under the Education System Modernization Program.

The research division will help the African country to introduce a new system of digital verification of assessments and remote control of academic performance, as well as confirmation of the personality of students and teachers. As part of the initiative, about 5 million schoolchildren at 3.5 thousand schools will receive protected digital identifiers.

The integration of the Cardano blockchain to the education system will provide the Government of Ethiopia more efficient tools for analyzing and improving performance indicators in specific regions.

In the future, IOHK plans to expand the project framework, including higher educational institutions for digital audit and simplify students’ employment.

Recall that since last year, the blockchain-platform is already functioning

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