Buderin offered to use cross-scaling protocols to unload the Ethereum network


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Biderin offered to use the solution of direct interaction of various protocols to scaling the network.

The idea is that various projects can exchange transactions through the so-called cross-convolution. These accumulative packets are a second level solution consisting of a network of isolated smart contracts for processing and storing information outside the main blockcha. Saving the possibility of layouts and relationships.

Such convolutions can be of various types, and work with simple transactions or support smart contracts. The drives create direct channels between different protocols during the processing of data taking from the Memo participants with additional information to improve the safety of further operations. This will help reduce the burden on the main network and reduce the cost of processing transactions.

If one of the parties is violated, the other participant may disconnect from the pool and require the return of funds after paying commissions, which are distributed proportional to the contribution.

Such scaling solutions are already deployed by several DEFI projects, but they are exclusive and cannot interact with each other.

Commands of other projects are also developing tools for cross-platform interaction. In December, Cardano developers reported that

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