Bitmain frozen stock sales to stop the drop of their prices


Bitmain decided to suspend the sale of equipment for mining cryptocurrency, seeking to return prices for it to the previous level.

Since April, the cost of new models of Asikov, the company fell by about 75%. In order to avoid further collapse, the company decided to freeze all sales for a while. Such measures should help protect the interests of not only the manufacturer, but also customers.

The price reduction is due to several factors. First of all, due to the pressure of the Chinese authorities on miners and traders, the flow of the used equipment with closed farms collapsed to the local market. Demand also decreased due to a long downturn on the crypton, noticeably reduced the profitability of bitcoin production.

Bitmain can count on the fact that in the process of moving the mining-farm companies will want to update their production facilities, but will face a deficit of the stocks on the market. As a result, it should push prices up.

Meanwhile, the market is cryptocurrency

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