Biteeu’s first cosmic cryptobyrus moved its infrastructure to the satellite to eliminate any vulnerabilities


Founded by Kazakhstanis Cryptocurid Exchange Biteeu sent its infrastructure of digital security into space on board Spacex rocket

Starting the space node module took place at Cape Canavaral in Florida. Surrently, the infrastructure of digital security exchange will start functioning on the satellite YAM-2. Checking the operation of the installed software should be completed by November of the current year. After that, all Biteeu users will be able to perform super-defective transactions through a wallet with a multi-cosmier in space.

According to representatives of the company, innovative security technologies and the remoteness of key systems, it is practically eliminating the possibility of hacking, cyberothy and thefts of cryptocurrency. With the successful implementation of the project, the space platform will be the most protected in the world.

Previously, Biteeu also became the first cryptochege that received the ISO 27001 certificate, which confirms compliance with the best world practices in the information security management system. The project is managed and controlled by the Kazakh company Eurasian Space Ventures.

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