Bitcoin’s jump led to the elimination of short positions at $ 883 million


According to BYBIT, as a result of a 15 percent jump of Bitcoin’s courses on Monday morning, cryptocurrency short positions were eliminated totaling $ 883 million.

Of these, 81% (about $ 720 million) went on short positions according to bitcoins, most of which were closed during the rapid growth of BTC, from 3 to 5 am Moscow time. During this time, the course of the first cryptocurrency rose from $ 34 thousand almost to $ 40 thousand. But quickly rolled back to $ 38.3 thousand, no failure to overcome further resistance. In the same area, the course continues to fluctuate and at the time of publication with a daily increase of 10.5%.

Growth not only inspired the market, but also translated many technical indicators to bull signals. The Bitcoin graph is again above the 50-day moving average.

The rapid increase in the course was promoted by the news that by the end of the year Amazon plans to start taking cryptocurrency as payment. However, the initial impulse proceeded from

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