Bitcoin’s course was higher than the inclined resistance of $ 33.5 thousand, but investors expect the FATF report


On Saturday-Sunday, Bitcoin was released above the inclined resistance near $ 33,500 and in the near future it is able to give a maximum of June 29 at $ 36,600. After that, the path of $ 39,000 — the upper limit of the consolidation stretching from mid-May.

The American labor market did not make the effect of a broken bomb on Wall Street and indirectly in the cryptocurrency market, rather caused a sigh of relief. Such moods may prevail in the depths of the Federal Reserve System. Her representatives on Friday were able to make sure that they still have time to pull the quantitative mitigation, allowing the government to pay post-shaped costs for the low cost of borrowing.

The stock market has updated the historical maxima, which made it possible to remove the risk of renewal sales in digital assets, which still continue to «digest» the repression of the Chinese authorities and tighten the regulation of their colleagues from the United States.

In the CNBC survey on the prospects of the first cryptocurrency, the views of the managers were divided into almost equally equally on pessimists and optimists, which is a reflection of the current balance of forces, after the May correction. 44% by the end of the year are waiting for a course below $ 30,000, a quarter — $ 40,000, which is not far from current values; The same amount is $ 50,000, and only 6% — approximation by April records. The difference may be due to a different assessment of the timing of the loss of the current regulatory uncertainty, whereas in the restoration of the growing trend believe, it seems, everyone who interviewed the TV channel.

Obviously, now the pendulum swung towards buyers after re-«salvation» $ 30,000. No need to forget about «bye» on Binance. The market gradually reduces the degree of perception of the consequences of negative events earlier. Glassnode recorded a sharp activation of bitcoins accumulations on wallets with balances from 1000 to 10,000 BTC.

There are good news and Ethereum. In addition to the advance of the network of first cryptocurrencies in the number of active addresses, the number of ETH on the stock exchanges dropped to lows from November 2018. You can also remember about the prospects for the growth of the Staying industry in the JPMorgan report (income by 2025 will increase from $ 9 billion to $ 40 billion), to which the project moves with seven-world steps — in the deposit contract

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