Bitcoin’s course rolled down below $ 33 thousand against the background of the negative rhetoric of China Central Bank


On Thursday, Bitcoin rolled back to minima of the beginning of July, breaking $ 33,000. The reason was the statement of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of China, who called Bitcoin and the stabulae of the security of the financial system and social stability.

The indict the emotionality of the market calculated by the Santiment service pointed to a decline in moods under the tag buy_. This can be a factor in the growth of quotes, which will strengthen a good trigger. While it is not, the course again tests the inclined resistance if it is carried out on top of the 19th, 20th and 25th. Returns Above $ 33,000 may create a good setup for a purchase, the wave markup allows for recognition of the current movement by correction to a growing impulse with a top of June 29 at $ 36,600.

Returning to today’s statements of the representative of the Central Bank of China, the journalist Colin Wu noted that the authorities had the reasons for the pressure on the sector, having tied him to the conclusions of capital conclusions and the upcoming day before the Winter Olympiad in Beijing the large-scale launch of digital yuan. But it was obvious and earlier.

Similar motivation is likely to have the authorities of other countries with the difference that they have not yet achieved such progress and are more concerned about the protection of consumers. According to the recent WSJ article, the SEC Head Gary General said that the Bitcoin-Exchange users should be protected as well as customers of traditional sites. In the BINANCE, this signal is perceived seriously.

On the eve, the head of the largest turnover of the cryptocurrency exchange introduced its plan to reduce

The deterioration in the cryptocurrency market on Thursday was also affected by Etherumer (over the past 24 hours, the ETH rate decreased by 8.8% against 6.6% at BTC). On the eve of Goldman Sachs, they joined the group of participants who expect the role of the main asset from Bitcoin to the ether due to more scenarios of the use and restrictions of the first cryptocurrency, which will remain the means of savings.

Until Hardforka Ethereum London in August, which activates EIP-1559, providing for the burning of transactional commissions, one can expect a broad discussion of the positive parties to the blockchain-platform. This may determine the relative advantage of the project characteristic of the last week. The technical picture of the second on capitalization of cryptocurrencies also looks positively — the potential of motion to the upper border of the triangle in the area of $ 2500 remains.

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