Bitcoin’s course returned above the psychological border of $ 30,000 and rushed to $ 37,000


Bitcoin survived. As a Baron Münhghausen, who pulled himself for his hair from the swamp, he returned above the psychological turn of $ 30,000. However, there are again serious liquidation ($ 1.2 billion according to BYBIT) and a malfunction in the work of cryptocyr. It looks like a significant minimum.

Thanks to this turn of events, there was a possible scenario of smooth recovery to $ 37,000, and maybe above. But no longer within the triangle, but rather the plane, that the essence does not change much. This is the same correctional model, which will continue to go into a new downward impetus with the update of May minima, and so updated on June 22.

Tuesday course first cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, until it turns out about it. Effects

But it is necessary to take into account the probability of transmission of the relay to the American authorities. Candidate for the post of deputy head of the US Treasury on VN / FT issues Brian Nelson stated that it would make a priority to regulate the cryptocurrency market. We are waiting for further spinning of this helix.

Investors are waiting for this. The futures market again went to backword, financing rates became negative, the volume of open positions decreased. The last survey JPMORGAN showed that 81% of respondents expect tightening «Rules of the game» in the industry, although only half spoke negatively against Bitcoin. The head of Galaxy Digital Michael Novograpan on the forum in Qatar stated that none of the customers sold the first cryptocurrency and he himself due to the depreciation of the fiatny currencies still believes more than gold. If he is sincerely, his comments deserve attention. Recently, the company has become a market maker on the digital assets market for Goldman Sachs.

In other words, it remains to wait. It can be as a leading CNBC, Jim Kramer decline to $ 10,000, can be as CIO Guggenheim Scott Mainer — $ 20,000. But it is better to repel from the developing situation. While $ 30,000 did not break through, it is better to look up and count on a refund to $ 37,000.

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